A simple tool for drawing and coloring

Are you looking for an application to convert your mobile to Blackboard? So you are in the right place, where our application Blackboard, It helps you teach your children to create and color drawings, Draw and paint shapes just like a real blackboard. Add details to your drawing.

The simple toolbar interface is an easy-to-use tool that makes drawing process fast and easy, Also we add all the letters and alphabet letters for the English language.

The application also has 12 pictures of dotted drawings to help children expand their imagination and creativity in the field of drawing.

Blackboard is a new developed application of or old version which is called White Board for schools.

* 12 ready-made dotted images for drawing and coloring.
* 37 numbers and letters dotted images.
* The pen tool contains nine colors.
* The Pen tool contains six different sizes.
* You can put the application full screen.

Designed for Android tablets and smartphones.

The Blackboard application is completely free and does not contain the sale of tools inside the application and does not need a definitive internet to work.

We wish you enjoyable times with our blackboard application and your comments are welcome.

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